Tuesday, 29 November 2011


Today, I continued to implementing the experiments. Now, I finish a simple version of primary task, and the UI of the secondary task.

As I haven't got much experience in implementation of user interface, I learned how to use AWT and Java Swing for almost one day. The interface of my secondary task is not complicated, which has 20 radio buttons and two ordinary buttons for the subject to select the sum number of tones.

Additionally, Ronnie suggested use Java Swing instead of AWT. I think the reason maybe Swing is lightweight and independent of platforms.

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  1. Actually, I suggested using a standalone application rather than an applet. Since your code is not supposed to run in a browser, I don't see why it should be coded as an applet.
    The choice between AWT and Swing is up to you, but you are right that Swing is a better candidate here, because you will be doing very little (and only simple) graphics.